Kary stands as one of the rare oddities of the universe. One might ask, “is she on medication or does that come naturally? Does she live in reality or her own world?” Follow to her dark side, her fantasy…..

A fourth generation Eurasian, Kary possesses unique artistic and musical gifts. As a toddler, her parents allowed her to explore her artistic curiosities. She hid behind doors or in a closet, drawing and playing her Casio keyboard for hours. She did not enjoy many friendships until she was in high school.

Kary started her music career at a young age. While studying art and music in UCLA, she worked at one of the most influential studios in California directly connected to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath studio. Working as a ghost producer, Kary finished multiple music projects for major recording artists Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, JoJo, Snoop Dogg, as well as TV broadcasters Disney Channel and Warner Bros. Today, Kary owns  a production/publishing company with over 50 American A-List musicians working with Katy Perry, Omarion, Usher, Nelly, and numerous Kpop & Jpop artists.

In 2012, Kary created her major break as a recording artist in Tokyo during her Japan music tour where her appearance was everywhere from magazines to newspapers, radios to TV channel to large billboard in Tokyo (Equivalent to New York Time Square).  The tour was followed by her successful music video release which has been enjoyed by over 200k viewers. Record label execs compare her music video with Lady Gaga’s and Rihanna’s. Kary produced her videos at a small percentage of the multi-million dollar expenses associated with those artist’s videos.  She is currently focused on her premier full length album.

Kary is young Madonna meets Dita Von Teese. This diva has all eyes on her and is recognized in both indie and mainstream music scenes. Major labels executives are aware of and watching this ascending diva. As Asian faces become more popular in the U.S. mainstream market, Kary is poised to rocket to great success; she is the next big thing on a global scale…..

“What’s your fantasy? Mine is……” – Kary Sit

Kary Sit は宇宙の中でも非常にレアで奇妙な存在です。そして人々はこう聞くかもしれない:「彼女は何かハイなの?それともあれは素なの? 彼女は現実世界に生きているの?それとも自分の世界に住んでいるの?」彼女はあなたのことをとても嫌いかもしれない、しかし、彼女はあなたのことをとても愛してもいるのです。彼女のダークサイド、妄想を一緒に見ていきましょう。

「黒は私の妄想です。あなたの妄想は何ですか?」-Kary Sit

Kary Sit 也许是一个宇宙罕见的怪人。有人可能会问:“她本来就是这样怪异的还是有病? 她生活在幻想还是现实?”  跟随到她黑暗的一面, 她的幻想世界, 她的故事从这里开始……
亚洲出生,第四代欧亚混血儿,Kary Sit 是好莱坞音乐总监,歌手和作曲家。她的出现在日本随处可见, 从报纸到杂志, 电视到电台, 还有日本街头的大广告电视 (相当于纽约时代广场广告牌). 在美国, 她的Twitter追随者已经达到14万人. 她的歌迷称她为最性感的女神. 日本记者称她为年轻的麦当娜和珍妮·杰克逊.

“黑色是我的幻想世界,我把我的世界放在舞台” – Kary Sit

Kary Sit 은 세상에서 흔치 않고 독특한 사람 중에 한 명이다. 사람들은 그녀에게 물어본다 “약물 복용 자냐? 아님 그냥 자연스럽게 나오는거냐?” “그녀는 현실에 살고있냐? 아님 자기 혼자만의 세계에 빠져있냐?” 그녀는 많은 혐오함이 있음에도 불구하고 당신을 사랑합니다. 그녀의 어두운 매력에 빠져보세요, 환상 속으로.
동양 출생, 4대의 유라시아 혼열인. Kary Sit은 음악 아티스트, 제작가, 또한 작사 작곡가이다.
본 웹싸이트인 를 방문해주세요.

“나의 환상은 검정색입니다. 당신것은요?” – Kary Sit

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