Please let me re-introduce myself.

My name is Kary Sit. Some people know me as a recording artist, a performer, a songwriter, a music producer & publisher, etc, etc. I was in the music business for almost 20 years before my natural gift was re-opened. Yes, I am a musician – and a psychic medium.

After I went through consequent major life events in recent years with a lot of things that I could not explain, I spent a few quiet years to re-opening my gift that I was born with. 

When I was a child, I was an introvert and I only liked to be left alone. I would play my Casio keyboard, play with my “imaginary friends”. I had a deck of tarot card at home that I found from a bookshelf with simple instructions that I could barely read at my young age, I would play the deck alone when my parents were not around. And I saw spirits clear as day. One spirit that I always saw at that time was a male spirit in a Hawaiian shirt, I called him the “Hawaiian man”. Sometimes he changed his outfit but I could still recognize him. He always appeared outside my bedroom in the hallway. I could see clearly how he dressed, how he combed his hair, etc etc. I was so frightened everytime I saw him down the hallway before I got to my room, so I told myself I would not see him, I would close my eyes and re-open so I would not see him. It worked and gradually he was gone from my sight, alongside with all the spirits I could sense and see, they all vanished after I made that affirmation over times. Except my mom, I never told anyone about this, and those memories slowly became my past. Growing up with huge passions in art and music, I was busy focusing on my life and my future. Eventually, I went to college for visual art and music. After I got my first job as a studio songwriter, striving to be successful in the show business was the only goal in my mind.  

My whole life was mostly written on all the social media when I was in the show business. The entertainment industry is a very fast pace and competitive industry, every day I dealt with extreme stress and competitions, I had to periodically report myself on the social media before I was forgotten, while working on different music projects, flying around the globe to make deals with the record labels. Some days are good but most days are bad. I am sure anyone still grinding in the entertainment industry can finish my sentence. My plate was full. My life was like a roller coaster, espeically I was never a famous artist, the road was long and winding. 

My first spiritual soft awakening was when my dearest grandma passed away years ago. Since then, there were more beloved people who have left me. But somehow, I could always sense them, they were very much alive. Like my right brain could completely split from my left brain. One side of me, I knew that they were gone, but the other side of me, like I lived in both realities, I knew that they were here, right here. And the “knowing” was not just a belief or a strong faith, it was so firmed that I could almost see them standing next to me but at the same time I couldn’t. Now with more understanding, I know I shut down my clairvoyance and clairaudience when I was young to avoid seeing the Hawaiian man, but I did not shut down my clairsentience and all the gifts were coming back once my door was not sealed and was leaking air when I went through life events.

After that, there were consecutive of hard awakenings when other dearest people left me, and I also went through a major breakdown for three years after a painful breakup which damaged my psychical health with depression on a great scale. I thought I would die when no doctor could cure me and I was vomiting everyday with fever and it didn’t go away with antibiotics. I lost 30 pounds after I released my last music single “Guilty Pleasure” and finished the contract with my artist management company. I dropped from 105 pounds (my perfect weight in camera) to about 75 pounds. I looked like a skeleton. And I knew my music career was over. I couldn’t even walk out of the door without vomiting. And it was an impossible mission to gain any weight. It took me 3 tough years to get on the path of recovery. Strange things started to happen in my life. Not only I could hear my beloved grandma and friends, I could also communicate with my beloved dog who passed a few years back. 

It took me a few years to adjust myself that I was not crazy or having hallucinations due to poor health. I thought I must get too sick to a point that I had delusion or schizophrenia. But at least I could take out the possibility that I was influenced by substances as I never took any nor smoke weed. Let alone my health wouldn’t allow me to touch any alcohol at that time. I was completely sober and slowly got back to a healthy mental state. I was actually more sober with a healthier lifestyle than I ever was in the entertainment industry.

Going from a crazy lifestyle to a lonely spiritual path, it was a switch of 180 degrees, which requires a tremendous amount of self-consciousness and inner soul connection. I must say I wouldn’t have that kind of capacity if I did not have a major breakdown. 

So, I started to write a journal about all the strange things happened to me and tried to look for answers until one day I came across a psychic medium and decided take a psychic medium course while being a skeptic. I was shocked that the teacher could point out all my deceased family and friends like reading my life like a book without knowing anything about me. I felt strip naked. Then, I got confirmations with different legitimate psychic mediums telling me that I had at least 40 spirits around me as I was reluctantly re-opening my gift and these spirits were waiting for me to communicate and work with me. They were like the army team. So, I thought maybe afterall I was not all that “crazy” when someone could validate all the strange things I experienced without my words. Of course, as a newbie, I was shocked to death and couldn’t believe that not only I was not alone when I thought I was, but also knowing that my home was full of people without bodies trying to communicate. 

After a few years of self-adjustment, I finally came to an agreement with myself to face my childhood fear by digging deeper into the spiritual path. Due to my curiosity, I was absorbing all the techniques and spiritual tools like a dry sponge and I completely locked myself up for a few years to do nothing but practices and more practices. Of course, those abilities must be unraveled organically and patiently, so it was a long, lonely path but with some big help from my spirit team. I bumped into numerous of blocks during my growth. I eventually realized that those gifts cannot be taught in most cases as everyone is different, and I must go within to unravel my own metaphysical tools. 

Today, I have read for many people and connected them with loved ones and pets who have crossed to the other side. And most of all, I like to do energy healing work for those in need. Afterall, I am just one little person with my spirit team who want to help this earth with one little thing at a time and give helping hands on people who need closures to heal. The sessions I charge is only a happy tip for my time and my energy to connect. I always think there’s a reason why I have such gift unfolded. So, using my gift to make money is not my goal, I only want to do it for love, not for profit. 

Feel free to drop me a line if you ever need a reading or energy healing. Sending you tons of love & blessings!

Kary Sit in Big Island