As a psychic medium of the new era, I strived for innovation and accuracy. I have invented a reading technique called SPIRIT-FACETIME™. The traditional way of a mediumship session is to summon the designated spirit to the medium’s space, that would either be the medium’s office or their home etc, in order to perform any kind of one-on-one readings and connections. This method has been using for many decades since history and it has been working quite efficiently.

However, I found that summoning a spirit to my office or my personal home is not something I feel comfortably safe even though I know my spiritual guides who work with me guard my home 24/7. It still feels like I constantly having guests over and I am such a private person who enjoys my personal space. I always wonder if the spirits overuse their welcomes, do not leave after the sessions, or would come anytime uninvited. So I invented SPIRIT-FACETIME™. As obvious as it sounds, I basically use their photos to summon them inside their photos, just like when you video chat with someone. That’s where the spirit would be in and communicate with me. I found this method not only save a lot of time and effort to summon their presences to me, it will also provide the same accuracy if it’s not better because it also save a lot of energy of the spirit to come to me. And to my surprise, all the spirits I have used this method with were very happy to this technique because it is quick and simple which they don’t need to be completely here with me.  

So far, I have been interviewing for over 10,000 spirits with my SPIRIT-FACETIME™ with all different age groups when they passed, races and souls, humans and animals, they all connect with me without any issues at all and the detail accuracy was up to 95-100% every time.