As a psychic medium of the new era, I strived for innovation and accuracy. I have invented a reading technique called SPIRIT-FACETIME™. The traditional way of a mediumship session is to summon the designated spirit to the medium’s space, that would either be the medium’s office or their home etc, in order to perform any kind of one-on-one readings and connections. This method has been using for many decades since


Most people know White sage and Palo Santo are for smudging. Like cleansing the space, cleansing the surrounding energy, etc, etc. However, there are many different types of sages for different needs. You can see the picture for my collection of sages that I use for different approaches. I like to smudge my space before I start any session. And I also use smudging technique to cleanse my crystals to

Big Island 2019


Welcome to my new website. It’s been years since my last post. How have you been? For me, many things have changed and a lot of growth. Stay tuned and be safe, we will talk soon. xoxo Kary