The first time I experienced tarot card was when I was about 7 years old that I found a brand new deck of tarot cards in my dad’s bookshelf that came with some simple instructions. With only 21 major arcana cards in that deck, I managed to learn all the meanings of each card, and I was so amazed by the artwork. I played with that deck for years until I went to college, I put that deck in my desk but it went lost when my parents renovated our home.

I was a little disappointed knowing that the deck I grew up with and I was using it for years with accuracy was tossed with my desk. After that, I bought many decks with the major and minor arcana but I couldn’t get the same accuracy and energy from them. Until after my metaphysical abilities got re-opened again……

My forte is psychic mediumship that does not require me to use any tools except my own metaphysical gifts, but sometimes, or in different readings and topics, I like to use different spiritual tools, such as divining rods, automatic writing, and tarot cards to assist me. 

I now own a few decks of tarot cards and many oracle decks that I love and they have been very accurate with the help of my spiritual team. By using my metaphysical abilities, I am an intuitive tarot reader. I use specific decks for readings based on the situation and the need of myself or my clients. And I always love to use different oracle cards to integrate with my main tarot deck to give a fuller scope and details to my clients.  

Tarot card readings are good for:

  • General reading about all your well beings
  • Relationship question
  • Financial question
  • Business venture
  • Choices that you want to make, regarding a person, a situation, a place, etc
  • You want to know about your recent future
  • Your ex
  • If the person is right for you, etc……

I only charge $10 per tarot card reading which you can ask 1 question. I will deliver a detailed tarot card reading to you within 3 days from your order. Would you like to hire me to do a tarot card reading, please click the chat button on the lower right corner to connect. Look forward to work with you!

*All services are for entertainment purposes only.

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