I was at the Ameba TV Station last night having the show/interview for 30 minutes.. It was great…… To those who didn’t watch it, I hate you, but I will post some videos and photos soon (-:

My second day in Tokyo, I went to Kyodo News for an interview, and met the president of the company, Mr. Koga, the company is HUGE with more than a thousand of staffs…

The Kyodo Tower

So we are going inside the building… The handsome guy standing right next to me is my Japan Agent! (-:

After a 30 minute interview with Kyodo News, we went to another floor to meet Mr. Koga, the president of Kyodo News & Media.

And Mr. Koga was soooo nice, he gave me a present which is a Dragon badge he got from a sacred temple, it means good luck! He told me to keep it in a good place, I am planning to wear it around my neck! (-: I gave him my poster and CD in return favor, he said he is gonna hang it up in the office (-:

After the meeting with Mr. Koga, I took a picture with Mr. Koya, another super hero of many huge companies!


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