Little did I know, I have been here for 3 weeks already, I didn’t even know it was lunar new year until Farah called me up last night coz I have been so busy with my tour and meeting with the media…I love Japan so much but the only thing I am missing is my Farah and Kendra, they have been so mad at me coz I still didn’t get them any bananas and they have been waiting for me back home. They facetime me everyday with pissed faces. )-:

I really enjoyed my life in Japan as everyone is so nice and professional here. My team is so hardworking and loving. My fans are soooo sweet, I am waiting for the approval to put them into my suitcase. Two of my lil baby fans made me a handmade card of a cat shape, I took a picture with them last time when I was in the dance studio rehearsing before my first show, and they came to my other show and gave me flowers and card, I hope Farah won’t get jealous coz I have more fans than her.

And after all the big shows, I have a special show party at New Lex Tokyo where all other Hollywood celebrities perform and party there which including LMFAO, Paris Hilton, Simple Plan and all other billion of Hollywood artists. I was honored to perform there that night with Lauren Mayhew (Hollywood Actress) and Luna J. (Hollywood singer)! After my performance, it was so fun partying with Lauren and Luna J and all my LA homies…. we had an amazing time at New Lex Tokyo. We def felt like we were back home in Hollywood! We totally killed it!

Today, I finally got a day off, I am heading out for dinner tonight with the white Kary Sit, I can’t really do too much activities since it has been snowing really hard these few days, I am gonna have another show tomorrow, hopefully I will see you at my show?


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