Kary Sit stands as one of the rare oddities of the universe. One might ask, “is she on medication or does that come naturally? Does she live in reality or her own world?” She has so much distaste for you, and yet, she loves you. Follow to her dark side, her fantasy.

Asian born, the 4th generation Eurasian, Kary is a Hollywood based singer, performer, music producer, songwriter & composer. With her successful 9 shows of “What’s Your Fantasy?” 2012 Japan Music Tour followed by major newspapers report and TV appearance in Japan, Kary is now open for show booking in the US. 

Please check out her Japan performance video footage at www.karysit.com/video & the photo footage at www.karysit.com/photo

Inquiry for show booking: www.karysit.com/contact
“BLACK is my fantasy, what’s yours?” – Kary Sit

“I’ll tie you up, whip you down!” – Kary Sit


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